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Audiovisual & Studio Design Consulting

Uniquely positioned in the Japan AV industry, we are pursuing excellence through professional resourcing and state-of–the-art audiovisual system design, while concentrating on business areas where we have a competitive edge, leveraging our multi-lingal ability with knowing its culture background. We manage projects for many clients in varying verticals such as global bank, pharmaceutical, legal, fashion and technology and create offices, studios, broadcasting & media distribution systems, and custom display systems. We stay continually well-informed of emerging technologies to provide invaluable input on current and future system designs that can improve the business environment.

AV as a Service

Subscriptions for deploying, managing, maintaining and renewing AV system and studios

Technology moves quickly. Companies who are able to quickly adjust infrastructure, keep up with productivity and meet content demands are able to stay competitive.

Our service resolve the CapEx complaint and mitigate the risk of initial investment. You can please optimize and use the most updated AV technology as OpEx.

It is no longer necessary to own the AV system as an asset, and we will provide services from requirement definition at the time of considering introduction to installation, support, and system update at a fixed monthly fee.

AVaaS Overview


A knowledgeable and experienced consultant will perform a fit assessment after confirming your requirements and the room in which the system will be installed.


We will design the optimal system for the customer and calculate the monthly fee. We will coordinate with buildings, equipment, electricians, etc. as necessary.


We procure hardware and develop software.


The system will be installed by an AV specialist.


After the installation is completed, an AV consultant will perform a commissioning.


We provide user training, cloud-based system monitoring, remote support and onsite support for system failure. We also perform preventive maintenance and respond to building power outages to keep the system in top condition.


The system will be automatically renewed when the contract is renewed. We will support your business by introducing the latest system that meets the needs of the times.


The existing system will be removed and recycled.

Service Coverage

Web Meeting Room

Web Meeting Booth

Webinar Studio Room

Digital Signage

Advantage of AVaaS​

CapEx to OpEx

The traditional approach of spending capital on investing in AV systems may not work in today’s fast-paced technology world. As with “new normal” work style changes and changing needs, technology is constantly evolving and invested systems can quickly lose their value.

Generally, it takes time for a capital-invested AV system to be able to recover from the profits it brings. There is also the problem that the cost-effectiveness of AV equipment is difficult to understand.

Depending on the maintenance status of the system after installation, there is a risk of financial loss if it becomes necessary to make new capital investment without recovery.

The introduction with OpEx has tax advantages. Due to the tax system, operating expenses, etc. included in OpEx can be deducted from tax, while CapEx is an expense to raise the asset value of the company, so it is subject to property tax.

The AV system introduced by CapEx is often depreciated over 5 years, and the system deteriorates and becomes obsolete without waiting for the depreciation to be completed. System deployments at OpEx are typically automatically updated every 3-5 years, and continuous service and support to ensure system reliability keeps innovative technology up-to-date. This approach frees up capital for capital investment and allows you to invest in people, R & D or marketing.

AVaaS vs. CapEx

  • AVaaS (OpEx)
  • CapEx
AVaaS (OpEx)CapEx
Initial Cost
Monthly CostDepends on support contract
Contract Term
System ConditionLatestDeterioration and Obsolescence
System OwnerSonotriggerClient
Commissioning by Professional Consultant
Cloud System management
Dedicated Internet Fiber Circuit for AV System
Onsite Support
System Renewing

Managed Service

Supports all AV system and studio maintenance operations. Increased utilization to bring a significant positive impact on your business.

Every hardware causes failures and troubles. General annual contract maintenance support after system installation is similar to insurance, and it costs a lot of money annually to get peace of mind, and in many cases, we do not receive support commensurate with actual operation. On the other hand, if you request ad hoc support for each trouble without signing an annual contract, you will have to get an estimate each time, and you will not be able to respond quickly, and you will not be able to read the annual cost.

Our managed service proposes the required support time based on the flexible service level that meets the customer’s needs according to the system scale, purchases it in advance, and deducts the time required for each operation from the contract time. This eliminates the need for high annual support contracts, and saves a lot of money. In addition, the contracted time can be used not only for urgent troubleshooting, but also for consultation, maintenance, management, and operation of the system.


Backup & Recovery

Onsite Support

Cloud Service

Vendor Management

Device Support


Tender Management

Preventative Maintenance


Remote Help Desk

Global Standardization

Support Package

Service Coverage (Example)

Audiovisual system such as Video conference, Web meeting, Audio conference

Studio system such as webinar studio, production studio in enterprise


 IoT /ICT user interface and etc.

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