Make Your Workflows “Work” for You

Packed with intelligent tools and powerful REST APIs, pixstor is a platform that delivers unmatched benefits which empower organizations to streamline their media workflows and drive efficiencies.

Software-Defined Storage Solution

pixitmedia provides purpose-built software-defined storage and data management solutions for the Media and Entertainment industries. We help our clients overcome data-driven challenges and escape the limitations of today’s technology – reducing cost and complexity. Our mission is to give our clients the freedom to work how they want, to do more and thrive.

Creating block-buster films, sports coverage, award-winning TV and video content involves managing, sharing and protecting massive volumes of data – moving it efficiently from one system to another, between artists, teams and locations – quickly, securely and cost-effectively . That’s what we do best.

Established in 2013, pixitmedia is headquartered in High Wycombe UK, with offices in Vista California and Stuttgart Germany. Being privately-owned gives us the agility and freedom to focus 100% on delivering value to our clients. With a 7: 1 ratio of technical to admin staff and a dedicated bleeding-edge lab facility with remote access, we pride ourselves in always pushing boundaries, delivering innovation and a customer experience beyond expectations.

Solutions for demanding media workflows

Purpose built for media and entertainment
pixitmedia provides storage to manage the toughest challenges of modern media workflows. Our solutions deliver today and are built to rapidly and easily scale for tomorrow.

Whether you’re in production and content creation, VFX, post or broadcast media services, you need a storage environment that guarantees performance and will grow and adapt when you need it. With pixstor you can collaborate, innovate and deliver projects on time and on budget – every time.

Studio Production

When it comes to creating blockbuster films & epic TV, you can rely on pixitmedia to deliver on-set storage performance & workflow efficiency from disk to desktop – without drama.

VFX & Animation

We streamline demanding VFX pipelines to let artists work locally, burst to Cloud & collaborate in real-time across multiple locations – to deliver awesome work & stay competitive.


We drive productivity across intensive Any-K workflows, delivering efficiencies at every step;  intelligently managing your data, on-prem & in the Cloud, to keep your business flexible & agile.

Sports Production

Our Ethernet platform empowers flexible IP and remote production, seamlessly delivering data-intensive live coverage & memorable moments on any screen to keep viewers engaged.

Broadcast & Media Services

pixstor robust high-performance storage tightly integrates with your broadcast infrastructure & services, adapting as you scale and ensuring content goes on-air quickly & remains secure.

Content Creation & Agencies

We enable creative teams to work together on worldwide projects & deliver ambitious multi-format, multi-regional campaigns – on time and on budget.


You’ll be in great company with pixstor

We live and breathe our customers’ business and their success is ours. Together, we are a force to be reckoned with. Discover some of the world’s leading creative, Media and Entertainment organisations who are powered by pixstor.

What Customers Say

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Technology Partners

Together, we go beyond expectations.

At pixitmedia we collaborate with the industry’s leading technology partners to allow our customers to innovate for now and the future.

We devise optimised solutions that give customers both choice and freedom, our tireless innovation constantly pushes boundaries and the unrivalled care and knowledge of our team ensure optimum performance and value.

pixitmedia liberate data to let media & creative workflows thrive

Software-defined storage with guaranteed performance

pixstor is a complete storage solution, purpose-built for demanding media requirements, offering guaranteed performance from disk to desktop. A data-aware scale-out NAS platform, it ensures your data is always available, precisely when and where you need it. No compromise.

Powered by our proven high-performance parallel file system trusted by thousands of organizations worldwide, pixstor can easily manage petabytes of data and billions of files, all under a single global namespace.

pixstor is the first storage solution to unify data, infrastructure and users

Media Workflows thrive with pixstor. With its software-defined architecture, pixstor provides a single global namespace that controls all commodity hardware, applications and systems in the workflow. Ethernet-based and API-driven, it fully integrates into your workflows and extends the file system across multiple locations and out into the cloud – bringing data closer to users and applications in a unified view.

With complete control of your data – wherever, whenever and however you want it – pixstor enables global collaboration without any compromise on performance.

Managing your data has never been easier

Using intelligent automated tools, pixstor drives efficiency throughout the entire ecosystem. It offers guaranteed consistent performance, limitless scale, data control and secure collaborative access for users wherever they may be.

pixstor lets you manage and store data with confidence, dramatically improve workflows and reduce the cost of infrastructure and shared services.

And we’re so confident in our filesystem, that we offer a performance guarantee up to 99% capacity for the lifetime of the solution.

What’s under the hood

Mac, Windows & Linux compatible, pixstor combines robust, mature filesystem software and industry-standard servers and storage components including flash, hard disk, tape and cloud resources to deliver a powerful, affordable high-performance Ethernet-based unified namespace. Its data architecture foundation relies on a scatter algorithm to distribute writes across spinning disk, removing the impact of fragmentation on performance so there is no bandwidth degradation as the system fills – as is common on most file systems. The performance of the system enables multiple workloads to run full out up at to 99% capacity – with no negative effect on finishing editors’ or artists’ user experience.

Beyond storage. pixstor empowers workflow efficiencies

Packed with intelligent tools and powerful REST APIs featured as standard, pixstor helps you streamline your workflow and drive efficiencies. From simplified administration, powerful search, deep analytics, spin-up and down security services, transparent tiering to push-button cloud-deployment, pixstor has you covered.

Direct from the Desktop, across a single namespace

Enable seamless Artist-Anywhere collaboration

Automated deployment to cloud platforms

From Sync, DR to intelligent Anywhere Tiering

Multi-tenancy containers for security & audit-compliance

A user-friendly UI to manage data, costs & storage strategies

Powerful Search

Direct from Desktop, across a single global namespace

pixstor includes an easy-yet-powerful tool for fast indexing and intelligent deep search capabilities across all your assets. Designed to handle hundreds of billions of files and leveraging Machine Learning and AI tools such as Machinebox, it harvests, tags and exposes your data to allow meaningful searches across the entire global namespace – enabling global collaboration with no impact on the filesystem performance.


Enable seamless team & Artist-Anywhere collaboration

pixstor inspires collaboration, allowing teams to share ideas and work together on projects whether they are in the same building or on the other side of the planet. Whatever your situation – multiple offices spread across the world, hybrid workflows with on-prem or cloud-based workstations or even just a simple single location use case – pixstor has the tools and capabilities to power and adapt to your collaborative needs. It means that your facility is well-prepared to take advantage of competitive tax incentives and work as efficiently as possible – round the clock, with a minimal infrastructure investment.


Automated deployment to Cloud platforms

With incredibly simple push button deployment, take advantage of all of the performance, scalability and data management benefits of an on-premise pixstor installation – in the Cloud.

Driven from guided menus with a variety of sizing options, there is a pixstor in the Cloud option available for nearly any use case – whether for transcode, burst render, cloud workstations, long distance collaboration or cloud archive. With billing handled entirely within AWS and GCP marketplaces, customers are free to spin up pixstor at exactly the moment they need it.

All the Power of pixstor in Cloud


Multi-tenancy containers for security & audit-compliance

pixstor delivers true multi-tenancy capabilities within a single storage namespace. to protect your high-value assets to the most stringent security standards. This enables organisations to rapidly deploy logical and audit-compliant data separation and isolation within the pixstor environment – with no performance overhead or bottlenecks. It means that you can avoid the spiralling costs and productivity hits associated with operating separate dedicated infrastructure stacks and take on increasingly ambitious creative projects with confidence.

Data Management

Manage, migrate, replicate

pixstor’s data management and protection capabilities are unrivalled in the software defined storage industry. By allowing facilities to migrate, replicate and snapshot data from pixstor to a huge variety of cloud, file system and tape technologies, customers are free to choose the right tool for the job without fear of vendor lock-in.


Using ngenea, our data management traffic solution, enjoy intelligent tiering within the same namespace spanning: NVMe, SSD, NLSAS, SAS and a huge range of Cloud and Object (including AWS S3, Azure Blob and Google GCS); tape technologies (including Spectrum Archive and SpectraLogic black pearl with ngenea) and third party NAS devices such as Isilon and Qumulo with ngenea.


Our capacity analytics help you to make business-led technology choices for your migration and replication targets. Finally, with a lightning fast policy engine, you can rapidly find the right data for the right activity, without ever having put your business at risk due to slow completion windows.

Admin & Analytics

A user-friendly UI to manage data, costs & storage strategies

pixstor features an easy-to-manage user interface with centralized control of all file system components. It provides a graphical dashboard for monitoring, alerts and performance analytics of daily pixstor tasks and is tailored to the exact needs of the administrator.

It provides unprecedented insight and trends on how data is being created and used over time. This enables users to fine-tune performance and workflow requirements, make the right expansion decisions and manage storage strategies, with a robust reporting mechanism for chargebacks.

SOLUTION BRIEF – pixitmedia pixtor

Seamless On-Prem & Cloud Integration: Powered by ngenea

Every pixstor installation in the cloud is bundled with ngenea, pixitmedia’s flagship data transport mechanism.

ngenea is our ground-breaking on-demand data management solution, designed to harmonise globally distributed workflows, so that you can access your data whenever, wherever and however you need it – simply and cost-effectively.

Developed by pixitmedia to overcome the challenges of moving and accessing data across multiple storage platforms, ngenea provides an enormously scalable high-performance data management layer that extends the existing filesystem into alternative storage options to give you complete control of your data, on your terms.

Dynamic Data Management

ngenea wraps existing file, Cloud and object storage in a global namespace with a single view of the data – retaining the full path and filename wherever that may be. Integrated with pixstor’s powerful enhanced Search capabilities, users and applications can find, read and access migrated data directly across distinct storage tiers – all in a seamless unified workflow.

With ngenea, you can quickly and securely transport data to and from globally distributed cloud, object storage, traditional NAS files and tape resources – automatically moving data into the ‘right cost’ resource according to value and usage as your work teams and business needs demand.

Benefits of ngenea

Transparently tier to remote filesystems, object & Cloud within a single namespace

Utilise different storage resources based on business needs

Migrate and recall from existing file & object stores as well as legacy storage

Huge performance gains when moving large amounts of data

Integrated with pixstor Search to find & recall assets seamlessly from across all storage tiers

Ensure data integrity & protection to the highest industry-standards

Your data. Your terms.


Wherever your data is or needs to be, ngenea is there to remove the complexity and overhead of data movement.

ngenea Use Cases

Burst Render & Compute:

Efficiently deliver the data you need to cloud compute – when you need it, where you need it. ngenea delivers a consistent view of project assets whether computing on-premise or in the Cloud; delivering extraordinary performance and high-availability failover protection.

Multi-site Collaboration:

ngenea unites teams distributed across sites by making data available in multiple locations in a single namespace providing with a consistent unified view of project assets and enabling seamless collaboration.

Content Delivery:

Deliver assets to content stores, allowing consumption directly by end users or applications. Benefit from the option of keeping management of the assets on-premise, easily allowing revision or further distribution.

Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM):

Manage storage costs by automatically migrating assets from primary storage to object storage, tape and Cloud.

NAS Acceleration:

Files are directly accessed from high-speed pixstor storage as needed, intelligently moving data between pixstor and existing NAS storage.


Move data to archive storage, whilst preserving ease of access and data management capabilities. pixitmedia’s pixstor Search allows you to retain visibility of the assets no matter their archive status.

Supported Targets

SOLUTION BRIEF – pixitmedia ngenea


The best Support in the industry

We’ve always got your back.

Our customers operate in a 24/7 environment and therefore so does our support. We offer the industry’s most comprehensive and cost-effective support packages, ensuring our customers continue to enjoy maximum availability and usability – for the lifetime of their system.
We have a deep understanding of workflow, applications and your in-house technology.  If you contact our support team, you’ll get direct 24/7 access to this expertise and have peace-of-mind that we’re already familiar with your system.
Maximum confidence, minimal downtime. We’ve got you covered.

A single point of contact for all issues

Uniquely, pixitmedia provides a single point of contact for all support issues including any industry-standard hardware components in the pixstor architecture – crucial in a ‘best of breed’, multi-vendor solution.

We assume responsibility for problem resolution. All hardware and software escalations are performed by our support engineers who engage directly with vendors or ISVs to speedily resolve any issues. We’ll do the chasing on your behalf so you can do what you do best.

Be assured that no support call is turned away simply because the storage solution itself has been given a clean bill of health.

Got a problem? We’ll know before you do

We provide a proactive support service, remotely monitoring all components of your pixstor system for potential faults, failures and interruptions to ensure your system is running at peak efficiency and that any issues are escalated.

An extension of your team, we’ll manage maintenance tasks such as firmware and upgrades – freeing up your own technical resources.

With weekly system health-checks across the full stack to give you peace of mind, we identify trends that may lead to a service impact in the future and help you to address issues head-on.

Benefits of our Support Services

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